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The Inside Looking Out 

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‘The Inside Looking Out’ is a domestic residency begun during my fortnight self – isolation period. It is a melancholic representation of the mental health struggle experienced as a result of being stuck inside and cut off from others. Considering the suitcase as an obsolete object, I began to use it as a stagnant cabinet, waiting to embark on a journey that never seemed to begin. Coats not being worn became my company despite their emptiness, this reflecting the emotional emptiness I was personally experiencing.

'Absent Gathering Close-up', 2020, Photographic Series, Dimensions Vary

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'Domestic Cafe', 2020, Photographic Series, Still life, Dimensions Vary.

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'Absent Intimacy', 2020, Photographic Series, Still Life, Dimensions Vary.

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'Eating In', 2020, Film, 00:09:14.

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'Getaway', 2020, Film, 00:27:21.

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