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The Outside Looking In 

'Art About Art', 2021, Short Film, 05:11

art coat 8.jpg

'Outdoor Gathering', 2021, Sculptural Photograph, Dimensions Vary.

'The Outside Looking in' visualizes my personal experience social of isolation during the Covid- 19 pandemic. Venturing into local parks for exercise and freedom, I began to view trees as alternative life and therefore a replacement for absent human company. By fastening coats around trees at standing height, I suggest a group of people, symbolic of my friends gathered together. My suitcases have become staged cabinets, displaying domestic objects in an outdoor setting, a contrasting obscurity that is so intentional in its lack of functionality. I am the protagonist in my story, the one in which I’m craving normality and by making home in the outdoors, I have reclaimed a part of myself that had previously been missing whilst I was looking out from the inside.

art coat 7.jpg
art coat 5.jpg
art coat 6.jpg

'Outdoor Gathering', 2021, Sculptural Photograph, Dimensions Vary.

instil 4.jpg
instil 3.jpg
assemblage sunset 3.jpg
instil 2.jpg

'Unpacked And Ready To Stay', 2021, Photographic Series, Dimensions Vary.

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